As a sysadmin, I have to say cygwin sucks. Its just so easy to break and I tell my users if they use it, they are on their own. One thing I really have gotten too used to in Linux is clicking the mouse wheel to paste any previously selected text. Very convenient. » 4/29/14 12:55pm 4/29/14 12:55pm

I have an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 Dual Band N600 PCIe adapter with external antenna and its the best thing ever. I had a previous pci wireless adapter from dlink, but because the antenna was only right there behind the computer, throughput wasn't that great. Once I put this one in and put the antenna up high, I… » 4/29/14 12:52pm 4/29/14 12:52pm

I've flown over the Pacific several times to Japan and New Zealand out of LAX and I can tell you how much of an improvement it makes to use earplugs or in my case ear bud headphones. The constant drone of the plane will get to you. Also I was bored out of my mind and being able to have a one person dance party in my… » 3/25/14 3:12pm 3/25/14 3:12pm